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About the Manufacturing Advancement Center

Manufacturing Matters in Massachusetts!

Manufacturing contributes 13% of gross domestic product (GDP) and accounts for nearly 10% of all jobs in the Commonwealth.

The Manufacturing Advancement Center - managed by Jack Healy, Director of Operations - strives to assist advanced manufacturing companies in the region in order that they are able to grow, retain and attract support, and develop a skilled workforce. As a result, advanced manufacturing continues to innovate and expand in New England.

Facts Regarding Manufacturing in Massachusetts:

* There are 7,680 manufacturing establishments in Massachusetts
* There are 275,180 individuals employed in Massachusetts by manufacturing
* Average annual manufacturing wage is $65,333
* Average annual wage in Massachusetts is $52,396
* GDP generated by manufacutirng comprises 9.9% of state GDP
* Top ten value-added manufacturing industries: computer electronics, fabricated metals, chemicals, transportation equipment, machinery, food products, plastics and rubber, electrical equipment and appliances and printing.

Source: US Department of Labor Statistics: http://www.bls.gov/data and the National Association of Manufacturers - http://www.nam.gov